Data Path

Studio Sobejano
University of the Arts Berlin

Exploring a format through which we can experience digital art

This project takes Ryoji Ikeda's audio-visual installation Data Path as the subject of a hypothetical exhibition space placed in the centre of the nature reserve Fauler See in Berlin Weißensee.
The experience of the data path is framed by the process of gradual withdrawal and reintroduction into the surrounding nature reserve.

Studio Project in collaboration with Nils Thore Grundke

data Path by ryoji ikeda
photo by r2hox


The visitor is lifted above the ground, transitioning from forest to data path through a sequence of consecutive corridors .

A right turn leads into the twenty-two metre long installation — two walls of projected data patterns accompanied by an electrifying soundscape in a otherwise pitch black surrounding.

Moving in between the two walls, a left turn leads into the descend back to the outside. Split in two stages, the visitor first gains a sense of the sounds of the forest. After a a slight turn a view over the lake in the middle of the reserve is opening up.  

North Elevation